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#31 – RollScape – Leonardo the Vinchy – Belgium openindie – An indie dev Podcast

One topic we never expected to explore on openindie? The unlikely game dev origins of solo creator Leo, who used PowerPoint to craft point-and-click adventures way back in kindergarten!Today, that precocious creative spark has culminated in RollScape – Leo's dice-rolling adventure hitting Steam on May 22nd, just a week away from this recording. We're thrilled to sit down with Leo and unravel the inspiration behind this addictive indie gem. He'll share his motivation for RollScape's unique premise, his journey as a solodev before this debut release, and his ambitious plans for evolving the dice adventure concept.From PowerPoint tinkering to bringing RollScape's innovative dice gameplay to life, it's a path few could foresee. Tune in as we go behind-the-scenes with Leo on this rollicking ride through the challenges and rewards of indie game development in Belgium.As always, have fun listening!If you want to find more info about RollScape and our previous guests, visit us at and tell your friends (and enemies!) about our little indie podcast to help us grow.
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