Festival Tycoon

Johannes Gäbler

Vienna | Austria
Started as indie dev.: Elementary school

#19 – Dreihaus – Festival Tycoon – Johannes Gäbler – Austria openindie – An indie dev Podcast

Today’s game is all about music – No, not Guitar Hero or Lets sing – it’s a simulator where you’ve got to plan, organize and host your own festival! It’s called “Festival Tycoon” and it’s out now for PC. The developer of this game is Johannes Gäbler, he’s from Austria and “Festival Tycoon” is his very first game.  He designed that while still studying! How he managed to develop this management game, why he came up with the idea in the first place and what other stories he has to share, now on openindie. As always, have fun listening 🙂  If you want to find more info's about this game and our previous guests, visit us at www.openindie.eu and tell your friends (and also your enemies) about us.P.s.: Johannes Band is called "Lighter on the Moon" check them out here: https://instagram.com/lighteronthemoon and leave them a nice comment <3

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