Dude Where is my Beer?

Arik Zurabian

Norway | Oslo
Started as indie dev.: 2019

#18 – Dude, Where Is My Beer – Arik Zurabian – Norway openindie – An indie dev Podcast

What's your favorite beer? Just don't you dare to say craft beer! In the point and click adventure "Dude, Where Is My Beer?" you just want to drink a honest pilsner but everyone just wants to serve you overprized craft beer – what a nightmare! Now the Norwegian developer Arik Zurabian wants to continue this quest with "Dude, Where Is My Beer? 2: A New Hop". He already has some ideas for the game but he just needs enough supporters on Kickstarter to get started. In this episode we asked Arik how his second beer game will differ from the first and how he started out as an indie dev. As always, have fun listening to this new episode of openindie 🙂 If you want to find more info's about this game and our previous guests, visit us at www.openindie.eu and tell your friends (and also your enemies) about us.

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