The Architect: Paris

Enodo Games

France | Paris
Founded 2021
19 Employees (2021)

#11 – Enodo Games – The Architect Paris – Raphaël Reynes – France openindie – An indie dev Podcast

Since SimCity we were able to build the cities of our dreams. But what if you could re-design the city you live in to give it your personal note? Enodo Games give you this chance with their current game The Architect Paris. Raphaël Reynes talks with Sarah about the motivation for the game, how they incorporated feedback from players and why France is a good country for indie developers.As always, have fun listening to this new episode of openindie 🙂 Also, if you want to find more info's about this game and our previous guests, visit us at and tell your friends (and also your enemies) about us.

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