Unknown Number – A First Person Talker

godolphin games

England | London
Founded 2019
4 Employees (2022)

#17 – godolphin games – Unknown Number A First Person Talker – Thomas Keane – England openindie – An indie dev Podcast

Sometimes adventure can be only one wrong dialed number away. Imagine receiving a voicemail from two strangers urging for help. Time to pick up your phone and get to work. Thomas Keane is the founder and creative director of England based godolphin games. His upcoming game Unknown Number: A First Person Talker utilizes a little explored tool for interaction – your voice. In this episode of openindie Thomas shares his story of how he came up with this unique blend of voice control and atmospheric puzzle game, how he got started as an indie dev and how to make hug sound juuuuuust right.As always, have fun listening to this new episode of openindie 🙂 If you want to find more info's about this game and our previous guests, visit us at www.openindie.eu and tell your friends (and also your enemies) about us.

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